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What is the Speech Trainer??

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Since Nov. 7, 1997

In this humble page, I, Takamichi present translation works of MSX related items I somehow intervened, games in particular, occasionally in cooperation with various MSX users outside Japan. :) In addition, various MSX stuffs I intervened.
For quick look at the translated games, see Index of Products.
There were a lot of requests "hey, what's going on with topics in this page?". Well, I am not translating all day. In fact, I am not doing MSX all day anymore. I have so many stupendous and stupid tasks beside.
Warning: some of the items in this site is assaulting to the minors. Such sections are protected by applicable warning.
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Did you know Speech Trainer the sound analysis unit?

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Games translated to English
and other non-Japanese languages

English Gals Quest 1 Kyanpeenban Daisenryaku 2 Hamiide High Manga Club
Fighter's Ragnarok Solid Snake; Metal Gear 2 Be-Bop Bout
Notos and AmateurisM Undeadline Snatcher
Spanish Gals Quest 1, 2 and 2.5 Parodius

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Games translated to Japanese

Core Dump NYYRIKKI's MSX Software Corner Demo Shoot the Flying Windows!!
Ninjinkun 1 Ninjinkun 2 (No Name) Ninjinkun 3 (Nuts)
La Abadia del Crimen (future) Bombaman

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Translations other than games

fMSXSO manual RuMSX EVA player for Windows
Kinrou 5th BMP2GE5e Senga Editor
MSX-JE Documentation Masters of Konami SCC Sounds Ese-SCC documents
MEGA-SCSI documents Mapper conflict problem Fastcopy 3.0
Gosou_BAS How an MSX handles kanjis FM module detection
AddRAM manual Translation of personal letters Policenaut manual
turboR chip information

Other MSX Topics

Index of Translated Products (2004/02/21 update)
Speech Trainer, the unknown MSX device, with translated manuals (2014/09/13 update)
A1 Spirit, the rare Konami game (2001/02/24 update)
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles password
Captain Multi Station, the special MSX (2012/10/29 update)
MSX links (2002/01/20 update)
Non-MSX links (2001/01/03 update)
MIDI&MuSICA MUSIC (2001/02/24 update)
MSX Festa 1997 Report
The Takao!!
Stalled Translation :( (2004/04/11 update)
Epitaph of Hazekawa, the deceased MSX user
Interview with RuMSX author with sketches (2001/05/28 update)

My Other Sites

Hypnotic City, the fantasy tale project(update)
RuMSX support siteRuMSX Support Site (Japanese; 2002/09/08 update; now ver. 0.26)

Other Translation Sites

Google translation - A site that can translate anything if you can stand its nonsense.
Sean Young's Page - Used to have info on translated Konami .rom and .dsks.
Marat's collection - English documentation about MSX is here. Read MSX2 Technical Handbook online!


I express my thanks to Maarten, my best friend and coder, Jon Taylor, young American proofreader, and Senba, my Japanese comrade-at-erogames who sent me screenshots.
I cannot stop thanking Ayumu Kimura, who authored most of articles which are featured in my page originally in Japanese.
Me gustaria expresar mis muchas gracias hacia Victor Martinez y Trunks, mis amigos, y Plot, el compositor de los muchos MIDIs, incluso SD Snatcher Theme por esta pagina. (I would like to express my greatest thanks to my Victor Martinez and Trunks, my friends, and Plot, a composer of many Midis, including SD Snatcher Theme for this page.)