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If I die in a combat zone

Tell all the people in homeland

That I did my best.

If I die in a combat zone

Tell that pretty girl of mine

That I bring best memories with me.

If I die in a combat zone

Tell all my best friends

That I died facing the gun.

If I die in a combat zone

I don't need my name on grave.

Etch instead that there was;

A man who lived, fought and died.


(an anonymous song of mercenaries)




The Player (You)

A former FOXHOUND squad member, he is Japanese-British, with an IQ rating of 160. He is conversant in 6 languages, well trained in high-altitude skydiving, scuba-diving and free climbing. Able to sneak anywhere, and under any circumstances; he is "a man who can make the impossible possible". The very man who famed the name FOXHOUND worldwide through Operation Intrude N313. He retired, but was later scouted by the CIA. He served as a deep cover agent there, but opposed to its system, and left the organization after 6 months. He was deep in the Canadian wilderness when FOXHOUND called him back once again. True name and family are concealed through "Classified National Security Codes".

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 75 kg


Former general troop commander of FOXHOUND.

An American who participated in LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) in Vietnam, and afterwards, exploited his superior skills in SOG (Special Operations Group), the Green Berets and the Wild Geese. He has completed more than 70 missions. In the late 80's, he participated in several regional conflicts and race liberation wars. He was heralded as a true hero and made the front covers of popular magazines in many countries.

Then he lost an eye, and retired from the front line to concentrate on military education and training. The 1990's arrived and he was nominated as general planning commander of the international special forces squad FOXHOUND. Then, "BIG BOSS", transformed by greed and dreams of absolute power, managed to take control of OUTER HEAVEN, (the military fortress nation in Salzburg) and tried to establish world domination. He was stopped by "SOLID SNAKE" in operation N313. He has since fled to the Middle East.

Exact location is unknown.

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 89 kg

Roy Campbell

General planning commander of FOXHOUND.

The American responsible for "OPERATION INTRUDE F014". He has called "SOLID SNAKE" back as an intruder for this operation. After holding high rank in the United States Marine Corps (USMC), Fifth Marine Legion, and the Green Beret Squad, he joined FOXHOUND, and became vice-commander. Was known for the code name "CHICKEN FOX" in his early days.

His strategic planning ability was clearly evident after "BIG BOSS" was gone. Campbell discarded code names, and built up the already hi-tech special force team by utilizing recon satellite orbits and other implementations, creating a completely new Campbell-way FOXHOUND.

In contrast to the instinctive and wild strategies of BIG BOSS's, he ekes out operation plans with caution and detail, and "zero residual presence" is of utmost importance. Roy was awarded several honorable titles in the late 90's.

One of the few commanders who remembers the old FOXHOUND of "BIG BOSS" days.

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 77 kg



Holly White

An American free-lance journalist.

Born from a French mother and an English father, she became interested in literature at an early age. Was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her shocking Afghanistan report. Moreover, she is famous as a documentary program director for KTV, and won a Grammy Award for her documentary, "Unknown Bloodstream". Her fame has multiple aspects, like once being contracted as a fashion model for "Vogue" magazine. Now, she actively utilizes her position and honor to the extreme, playing a spy role for the CIA. She has sneaked into Zanzibar Land under the guise of a journalist.

Height: 167cm

Natasha Markova

Former professional figure skater.

Was called "a fairy on ice" in world championships and the Olympics, and won 2 championships in a row. Came to knew a western man in Calgary, and she fell in love with him. Tried to seek asylum with him, but failed, and Natasha was stripped of her competition rights. Then she joined STB (Czechoslovakia International Secret Police). On a mission to escort Dr. Marv to America, the plane was hijacked by Zanzibarians. Natasha was among the passengers and her current situation is unknown.

Height: 165 cm

McDonnel Miller

Hired by Campbell as survival consultant for FOXHOUND

Born in the United States 60 years after his grandparents immigrated there, he has served as a survival master in SAS (Special Air Skytroopers of Britain), The Green Beret Squad, US Marine boot camp, and most recently FOXHOUND. He is also volunteers as a coach in MERC SCHOOL (Mercenary School) twice a year. When he served as a drill sergeant in the FOX HOUND, he was referred to as a 'Hell Master' and draftees called him "Master Miller" with respect. He divorced his first wife (Nadine), and is currently residing in Los Angelos with his daughter (Catherine).

Miller is full of ideas and is quite knowledgeable in the area of science.

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Yozef Norden

Expert on all animal matters

A zoologist, also known as a UN endangered species preservation authority. Has been aquainted with Petrovich since they were college graduates. He was once a Green Peace member when he was young. Norden is currently the vice president of WWARF (World Wide Animal Rights Federation) and also a living matter accountant for the science magazine "Maxwell". He is now in near Zanzibar to investigate animals indigenous to the area.

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 95 kg



Former FOXHOUND member.

Owns a "FOX" title which is the maximum commemoration in FOXHOUND, and he is senior to "SOLID SNAKE". Was always a top in the FOXHOUND troop. In operation N312, he sneaked into OUTER HEAVEN and actively collected Metal Gear information. When "BIG BOSS" disappeared, all trace of him was lost and it appears he followed after his commander. True name is concealed by "Classified National Security Codes".

Height: 179cm

Weight: 85 kg

George Kessler

FOXHOUND strategist.

After his career in various mercenary troops like South Africa mercenaries and French Foreign Legion, in the "Zanzibar Independence War", (commonly referred to as "War of the Mercenaries") he was severely wounded in his right thigh, and his professional military career was over. He once worked as a negotiator but shortly afterwards became a war informant using his battlefield experiences and knowledge. For a very long time he has been serving as an advisor for FOXHOUND. At this moment, it is said there is no mercenary he doesn't know of. On the other hand, it's also said that if you don't know him you are not worth being branded a first-class mercenary.

Height: 188cm

Weight: 90kg

Kio Marv

A Czech scientist. Professional in bio-technology.

In the east he was conducting a study on fertilizer evolution planning using bio-masses. By accident, he discovered the "OILIX" prototype in one of his experiments. He has made improvement after improvement on it, and the world spotlight now shines upon him. He has no families. He was also famous as a computer games maniac, and he subscribed many games he made himself to various magazines, and was regarded as splendid game designer. On his way to America to join the "International Energy Problem Conference", he was kidnapped and taken to a fortress in Zanzibar Land. Has severe heart problems.

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Petorovich Madnar

Former Eastern scientist prodigy. Professional in Robotology.

In N312 times he developed TX-55 "Metal Gear Prototype" , TX-11 "Cyberoid" (Arnold) and was forced to utilize these technologies and others in OUTER HEAVEN. Reformed the base using engineering and powered-gear technologies of the time, and is famed as a "Father of Robotology". After the N313 incident, he sought asylum in the west leaving his only daughter Ellen. Petrovich is an academic friend to Marv the Czech scientist.

Height: 187 cm

Weight: 77 kg



The origin of FOX HOUND

In 1990, to fight against local rebellions, regional conflicts and terrorism, a special force squad was founded in secret.

The name of the troop: "FOXHOUND".

FOXHOUND is a team of special agents which sneak single-handedly into "non-official combat" zones which are too strong in the political sense to intervene through military power. FOXHOUND agents are trained to complete the various missions they are assigned to in secret, almost considered a "modern ninja".


FOXHOUND was formed in NATO to . Its duty is, under non-official combat status, to sneak into deep into the enemy border where no national intelligence cannot enter, and collect information about enemy military force.

All members of FOX HOUND have mastered various skytrooper techniques, thoroughly acquainted with secret invasion technique from underwater and over the water, so they can sneak secretly by any kind of breaching path.

Moreover, they have masteries and knowledge over survival over extended length in bushes, jungles and desert, acute tailing, furthermore detonating operation, wireless communication, seizing and reusing enemy weapons, collecting information, various martial arts, emergency medical operations, linguistic and hi-techs, anything required for being as a hi-tech special squad.

In 1995, its existence went into close-up worldwide through "OPERATION INTRUDE N312".


FOX HOUNDER Selection and Drills


FOX HOUND members are never chosen out of external non-military people, but are chosen out of recruits and self-nominees from various special force members.

[Selection Procedure] The aspirants initially receive exams in 3 aspects - physical, psychological and intelligence.

*Physical Exam

Basic physical ability

Short-range run

Uninterrupted 80 push-ups

Uninterrupted 100 situps

50 meters free swimming

Underwater diving ability

Lone wilderness march (carry a backpack of 30kg, and conquer 64 km of length in 15 hours)

*Psychological Exam

Mental recovery, concentration, endurance, self-control, tough inner self which are required to overcome the duties

ESP expectancy score

Marksman ability

Recognizing and making decision on emergency environment

*Intelligence Exam


Non-domestic geology

World situation

Hi-tech technologies

Medical in outdoors

Detonation operation

Concealed communication

Foreign weaponry


Those who passed the selection course are forced to take following professional training courses.

Battlefield survival test (14 weeks)

Shooting practice (very high standard is required; 100% to the target 548 meters away, 95% to the target 914 meters away)


Conquering mountain

Martial arts (fighting)

Border crossing

Guerilla combat

Land navigation

Map reading practice

Escape - avoiding dangers

Field combat medics

Rebelling and ranger practice


Nautical control and navigation

Diving, underwater sneaking


Parachute skydiving practice (4 weeks)

Assault paratroopers skydiving practice: H-A-L-O and H-A-H-O

11 normal skydiving, 15 in full gears, 2 in nighttime, 2 mass-tactical strategic diving.

Intelligence operation

Language and customs of destination country (4 weeks)

Sneaking technique

Improved flammable operation

Utilizing hi-tech arms

Communication (16 weeks)

Medical (10 weeks)



FOX HOUND is a non-official combat squad, so in usual "INTRUDE" operations anything that can indicate the identities should be acquired in enemy side, including weapons and equipment. For sneaking missions, they enter with a special via-satellite transceiver, a reactive radar and nothing else.

The mission assigned to them is to act concealed and complete without leaving any clues, so they always prepare equipment and weapons in their destination they sneak.

However, in drills, and in rare cases which they go to support the formal fighting troops (3 times so far), so we would like to introduce their standard gears here.


FOX HOUND has no formal uniforms like "service uniform" nor "dress uniform", only "field uniform". Also, they don't have even service caps nor hats, and on their field uniforms there are nothing that can reveal identities and nationalities like military clothing labels, insignias nor instruction labels. Therefore, there is no danger that they reveal your identity.

*Field Uniform

Field uniforms can be divide into roughly cold and hot regional types, both supporting variable-camouflage system with internal heat and luminous sensors. They are hi-tech suits colloquially referred to as "chameleon suits".

Moreover, a polyesther shield with few radar reflection ratio called "camouflage screen" is being used together.

The purpose of camouflage is to blend the subject into background, and transform the unique specific figure which the subject own in itself. Variable-camouflage system achieves high camouflaging ratio by wisely compounding existing color patterns and the "chameleon color" which assimilate into the surrounding.

See the table below.

FOX HOUND Camouflage Data











Forest green

Field drab





Forest green






Tropical Rain forest

Forest green

Dark green

Light green



Desert (gray)


Field drab

Earth yellow



Desert (red)

Forest green






Urban gray


Dark gray



NOTE) Chameleon color changes corresponding to the surrounding.


*Combat Boots

They were developed over the advancement of every jungle and combat boots various special forces wear. Together with "footstep noise contamination system" which suppresses "footstep sounds" which are fatal to sneaking missions and "footsteps jamming system" which can misguide enemy pursuits, there are taken precautions to make them suitable for secret mission in the enemy area.

To defend against traps like bungee stakes, there is an iron plate in inserted each boots.

*Combat Gear

Ammunition belt, leather harnesses, low-temperature ammo cases, flexible slings, suspenders, thermos, backbacks, etc.


While its main aim is to stop sweats falling from forehead, you can turn it into either comfortable cooler or heater equipment through chemical reaction.


Special goggles
Not only sand- and wind-proof, but a real advanced stuff that can act as nocturnal vision in its infrared mode.

Ultra-small lightweight fan motor and temperature sensors are embedded, and when the moisture within the goggles exceeds over 70%, motor automatically activates.


High-tech general-use telescopes with various sensors NASA planetary investigation technologies applied to them. They can even analyze what human eyes cannot see. However, they are heavy and difficult to carry along.

Wireless transceiver

It can contact through satellites to anywhere in the world. For transmission purpose, it depends on special burst-signal conversion via computers, so decoding is not easy even if tapped. A greatest of items in FOX HOUND, where information is regarded important over anything else.

(Used in OPERATION INTRUDE N313 and F014)

Wireless-only income

Lightweight flexible income equipped with a high-ability microphone. It can concentrate sounds without vocal microphones, using a system which directly picks sounds from vibration of earbones.

(Used in OPERATION INTRUDE N313 and F014)

Mobile object reactive radar

A reactive radar which was introduced last year. It tells you anything moving in close range.

Other than that, various sensors can be equipped as options.



With "untie inversion skirt net" applied to prevent the mishap of opening to reverse direction, a special parachute which ensure low altitude skydiving. It can open even from low height of 150 metes, is planned that it can be sufficiently employed in low altitude assault skydiving missions like HALO. Moreover, it is stealth an does not react to enemy radar.

(Used in INTRUDE F014)

Electro-magnetic compass

A compass given birth from "mono-pole" theory. Acts normally even in thick forest which jams normal compasses.


Two, a close-situation combat knife (developed inside FOX HOUND) and a survival army knife are always being carried, being selected upon need.

L-shaped torch

Water bottle



Its structure decreases perspiration rate, and prevents slipping due to sweat.


Socks, underwear and towels

Camouflage mat

Bugs repellent, antidote against vipers and harmful insects with electronic micro suction pump

Emergency medical kit


Vitamin pills, Origo-all P, salt

Water distiller pills

Wire cutter


Automatic handgun

Beretta 92SB-F or S&W M459


Ingram MAC 11 or Hecklar & Koch MP-5

(NOTE: Equipment of large firearms are dependent on missions)



*Formal name: Botulliococcus Ozuma Brownie

Commonly referred to as: OILIX

*By modifying gene of Botulliococcus Brownie the vegetable plankton, one of single-cell algae specimen, now it can produce large amount of liquid carbon hydrate of good quality, equivalent to raw mineral oil. Furthermore, by upgrading reproduction method, it can be produced in large scale under few cost. This is a bio-mass which you can expect as alternative energy to oil to satisfying degree.

*You can extract 0.8 kg of raw oil out of 1 kg of this algae.

From the raw oil you can get approximately 70% of gasoline and 25% of aviation fuel.

This gasoline contains high-level 96 octane value


For each 1 hectare, 85 kg of oil can be acquired in one day.

Large-scale reproduction is possible.

*Reproduction Condition

If basic conditions "Warm, Dry and Long Sunlight Hour" are met, it can be reproduced even in provinces with few water supply.

Zanzibar Land is dry, hot and sunlight is abundant throughout the years, so it is most suited to reproduce OILIX.

*The Inventor, and Upgrader of Reproduction Technology

KIO MARV of Czechoslovakia

OILIX was represented in Praha World Energy Conference of 1999, and it was meant to receive interest from not only advanced but also developing countries as one of remedies for energy matters.

In developing countries in Africa or else, energy shortening is getting more serious than food problems.

This happened because wood cutting was regulated to protect ozone layer.

After its appearance into public, large oil companies from every nations were expected to show up for contracting rectifying process, and a subtle ray of hope might have shone onto energy crisis....

Origin of the Term

A compound from "OIL" and "MIX". Also, it was developed under the code name "OIL-X", so eventually it was called as oil-X, transliterated as OILIX.

*Energy crisis

As the background which produced "OILIX", an energy crisis plays a role. After two Oil Shocks, world concentrated over development of energies to take over oil, one of them nuclear.

Then late 1990s arrived, as alternatives, development of electric power plant based on solar, wave, oceanic water-temperature gap, and also nuclear high-speed reproductive engine and fusion plant went forward, decreasing the reliance to oil as a source of electricity, but reliance rate to oil as heat source for transportation vehicles still remains high.

From "Third Oil Shock" caused by oil scarcity of 1998, price of raw oil was raised largely, world economy went into dismay from much confusion, financial lowliness and inflation.

Among such situation, the nominees as alternative fuel to mineral oil were "automobile methanol", "sand oil" "shale oil" and "rectification by bio-mass". Most of all, the man-made oil production which do not rely on seismic energies - "Raw oil rectification using micro organisms" was seen as more optimistic method than others. Issues of scientists are rectification ratio and amount, and cost that much them. "OILIX" can be said as a practical alternative energy which satisfy all those standards.



All-scale nuclear weapon abandoning and local conflicts

Scientific improvement and social events


Jan. Gorbachev proposed abandoning nuclear weapons.

Feb. President Reagan proposed whole abandoning of INF (Intermediate range Nuclear Force).

Oct. USSR began limited retreat from Afghanistan.

Jan. Voyager 2 approached Uranus again.

February, USSR launched Mir.


May USSR residential force in Afghanistan began retreat.

Oct. USA and USSR came to consensus on INF total ban in their diplomatic minister conference.

Dec. 8 In Washington, USA and USSR signed INF total ban treaty over national leader negotiation in Washington.

Feb. Soyuz TM 2 and MIR succeeded to dock.


June In Moscow, USA and USSR prepared collaborated draft paper on "Scheme about the verification of INF Abandoning".

INF total ban went valid.

START (STrategic Arms Reduction Talks) was approved by both USA and USSR.

Aug. Space shuttle launching re-started.


USSR military forces including 500000 personnel, 6 tank legions and other troops were cut.

SINF total abandoning was completed.

USA-USSR diplomatic ministers conference was held in Wyoming.

The separation between negotiations over START and SDI was prevailed to public.

Peace between Iraq and Iran.

Democracy movement widespread in various Eastern Europe areas.

Malta conference was held.

Berlin Wall was torn down.

Democracy Fever in all over Eastern European nations.

Asylum-seekers and refugees flowing into capitalism society increased.

Voyager 2 re-approached Neptune, and left solar system.


Normal-arms military balance over East and West, and negotiation over mutual reduction was approved by both.

CFE, European normal-arms military force cutting negotiation, advanced.

USA-USSR chemical weapon prohibition treaty was signed.



Regulation talk over SDI came to dissatisfaction.

LINF total abandoning had finished.

Middle East peace.

North and south talks were held.

Output of high-power laser was improved.


50%-reduction treaty over strategic nuclear weapons was signed.

Normal arms and war machines were cut in Europe.


Average ratio of GNP per population in Asian NICS country to world average exceeded 10%.

Development of brain bombs.

Experiment of coil gun was succeeded.


SLCM, Sea (surface or underwater) Launched Cruising Missile regulation treaty was signed.

Development of main battle tank Goliath.

Experiments of rail-velocity guns began.


30% of remaining strategic nuclear weapon was cut.

Krypton-85 density in airs of USA and USSR stabilized. Postponement of plutonium production for military purpose was confirmed.

USA army seriously re-started development of mortar gears.

Laser beam gun experiments began in out of atmospheric zone.



Average ratio of Japanese GNP per population to world average exceeded 60%.

NASA developed experimental walking tank for exploring planets.


Mobile ICBM (Inter-continental Ballistic Missile) was totally abandoned.

LSI production using reso-graphy using SOR began.

First Metal Gear was developed.


Tactical nuclear weapons were totally abandoned (Third Zero).

Zanzibar Land Independence War (War of the Mercenaries)took place.

Development of high-speed reproductive nuclear plant advanced rapidly.


Chemical weapons were totally abandoned.

Third Oil Shock.

Super-LSI with 100 M bit class of memory in one chip became available.

Metal Gear D was developed.


USA and USSR storage quarters for disposal were raided.

Metal Gear Gs were mass-produced.


Classification of Nuclear Weapons by their Ranges

Over 5500 km

Strategic Nuclear Weapon

* ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile)

* SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile)

* Long-range bomber planes (BS, B-1 B)

5500 to 500 km

INF (Intermediate range Nuclear Force)

Note) Sometimes referred to as Theater (regional) Nuclear Weapon.

* Over 1000 km: LINF (long range)

* From 500 to 100 km: SINF (short range)

Under 500 km

Short range Nuclear Force

Note) Also called as Tactical Nuclear Weapons or battlefield nuclear, for their roles and concepts.



"Your mission is to sneak into Zanzibar Land alone, and retake Kio Marv, the Czech scientist.

This mission is divided into three parts in large. First stage is sneaking into enemy territory by skydiving with parachute. This will be done by nighttime HAHO jump.

Second stage is sneaking from dropped point to the enemy fortress. This will be done by free climbing from south cliff wall where security level is low.

Third stage is sneaking into enemy fortress, rescuing Dr. Marv and heading toward exit point.

This third stage is this game.

Following is the operation order sheet for F014. Please act according to this sheet.

I hope your good luck..."

Roy Campbell, FOX HOUND General Planning Commander

Operation Order Sheet


Secrecy Category

Maximum (TOP SECRET)

Copy No.




Operation Order From

01:99, Dec. 24, 1999

Operation Code



Zanzibar Land Map Series K325

Scale: 1 to 50000


A: Enemy Force

By this month, enemy forces were greatly increased, and mercenaries from every nations seem to be entering the nation. From what we have collected out of infos from recon satellites and agents, both alert systems and patrols were reinforced and it is always under strict alert condition (Level 1). Moreover, import, in-purchase and preparation of arms and gunpowder are estimated to have increased too. Gunpowder alone has already surpassed the figure of last month's by 30%.

B: Weather

In operation periods, High air pressure will be dominant around the target area, so the visibility will be clear, giving no trouble on skydiving missions. Also the moon will be full so CAVO (Cloud-bottom Altitude, Visibility Over) will be achieved, night vision will be good. You will need no help from sensors, so diving onto drop zone with eye visions will be possible. Wind will be calm and Minovsky density will be stable. Stealth equipment will not be affected.

Sunrise 06:66 Sunset 17:00

C: Terrain

A sharp, nearly ninety-degrees cliff stands on south of the enemy scourge fortress , tropical jungles and quagmire expand on north. There is a desert in center area, and highland reside in north area. In desert area, the temperature difference between day- and nighttime is great. There is a huge crevice in north to the enemy watchtower.


D: Location

See 3D see-through map. (See Appended Map 1)

E: Enemy Force Size

The statistic up to last month: 30,000 personnel approx. Presently, increased by 30%. The number of immigrated mercenaries is unknown.

F: Cover

No our or friendly force is in the target area. However, there is a support from a deep cover agent. Holly White, a CIA agent, 168 cm high, blonde Caucasian. No photo source available. (See Appended Document 2)


Sneak into Zanzibar Land, and rescue Kio Marv the Czech scientist. Then retreat and flee to the getaway point. Protection and safety of Kio Marv and/or OILIX are of topmost priority. (See See-through image of the map)


A: Mission Plan

First Stage Skytrooper Intrusion Operation Conduct the night-time HAHO (High Altitude High Opening parachute skydiving). Skydive behind the concentrated area along the national border, where enemy forces are concentrated. From the Afghanistan border, dive at the alt. 35,000 feet from a PC-130 helicopter, and sneak into Zanzibar Land domain. At the same time, on China border, a faint operation (an operation to detract enemies) will be done. Parachute will be radar-stealth. There is few chance it will be caught by enemy radar. WARNING) Cooling due to wind-speed may cause frostbite.

Second Stage South Wall Intrusion Operation Conduct a free-climbing intrusion up the south wall of Zanzibar Land. Move from the landing point to the south wall on foot. It will take 20 minutes approx. Under no-wind condition, whole process would take 30 minutes to reach the sneaking point into the fortress. CAUTION) On various parts of the south wall, sensors are set.

Third Stage (Game) After rescuing Marv, retreat and flee to the getaway point. Pickup by a helicopter, and leave.

B: Detailed Instructions

1. Departure and Return Hours

Departure December 24, 1999

Return Unspecified (when the mission is completed)

2. Axis Intrusion, Retreat and Fleeing Routes, Landing and Getaway Points...See attached documents

3. Actions to be Taken when Encountered by Enemies

Refer to standard FOX HOUND Operation Procedure.

4. Actions to be Taken in Dangerous Areas

Refer to standard FOX HOUND Operation Procedure.

5. Actions to be Taken around Target Point

Protect subject (Marv), retreat, and escape.

6. Actions to be taken when Caught as a Prisoner

For this will not be included into Warsaw Treaty condition, rescue activity nor assistance negotiation will not be done.

Equipment and Weapon

Weapons and equipment will be obtained in destination area in basic. As military suit, wear non-official field combat uniform. Only noise-contamination boots, mobile-object reactive sensor, wireless transceiver and income are allowed to be equipped (when captured in enemy area, you have duty to explode them). Do not carry anything which identify you, and do not bear anything with product indication nor trademarks. Equip germ-free gears.

About Commands and Transceiver

The contact with operation headquarter be done via eastern and Western microwave satellites, 24 hours real-time. Frequency to communicate will be sent through special codes.

Supplementary Appended Documents

Photograph of the Subject (Marv), 3D see-through image of each check points.






450 square km



Governmental System


Head of the State


Political Party

One-party rule by Zanzibar Land Party

An inland nation surrounded by Pakistan, USSR, China and Afghanistan.

South is desert area, and north is formed by steppe high mountains and highlands. Climate is of dry nature, and the temperature difference between daytime and nighttime is extreme. Zanzibar Province was once a minor-race self-rule domain included in USSR, however, the opposition toward former regime rose in early 1990s, with the Baltic and similar crisis as detonating cause, it proclaimed independence in 1997, and won independence through "Zanzibar Land Independence War", and became armed fortified nation.

Despite the intervention of large nations of both East and West, this small tribal nation won a victory; it is said it was achieved through efforts of mercenaries from all around the world.

From this, the war was also called as "War of the Mercenaries", and let the world informed about the existence of the professional who choose the war as their job.


English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Uzbek, Vietnamese and French


100 of every world races including Caucasian, Negroid, Ukrainian, Russian, Uzbek, German, Chinese and French.



National Finance


Defense Budget

75% of total GNP

Product and Resources

Iron, Coal, Bouxite, Tangsten, Beetroot, Flour, Oat, Potato, Corn, Super Mentha, Jijirium, Bizanium, Eltonium and Pegimin-h

Percentages of Field Suitable for Agriculture


Average Life Span

Male 41.5 years, Female 40.31 years ('99 statistic)


20 for every 1000 population

Death Rate

35.8 for every 1000 population

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